Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition
 AREA FILMMAKERS NIGHT  Friday March 3rd 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Click for PDF Show Schedule Showcase of short works from local-area filmmakers Special Note:  FILMMAKER WILL  BE IN ATTENDANCE
     Leslie Ann Epperson               Director (Tucson) Leslie Ann Epperson is an Emmy Award winning director, and creator of Many Bones, One Heart, an independent documentary feature recently selected as the Opening Night Film at the Arizona International Film Festival, was also honored with the Best of Arizona Award. The Extended Trailer for the film recently received 2nd Place for Indy Film in Development by the My Hero Project Film Festival in Santa Monica, CA.
CELEBRATE NOW a short film by Leslie Ann Epperson
Jennifer Coughlan is a dancer, stiltwalker and aerialist - she also has stage four cancer. But you would not know it. Find the courage to be with your life right now as you follow her journey.
Filmmaker’s Website Filmmaker’s Website Leslie showed her feature film “One Heart, Many Bones” at the 2016 Arivaca Film Exhibition event.
A warm-hearted film about love, acceptance, courage and strength                                                                                                                                        12-min
From thought-provoking dramas to examinations of the world around him, Adam Ray’s work creates a unique look into “reality”, from stylized imagery to hyper-realism. These two films represent both a macro’ and ‘micro’look at humans and nature leading one to reflect on how actions invite unexpected, yet   probable outcomes.
Two Short Works by Adam Ray Taxman Entertainment
Birds at the Feeder
Taxman Entertainment Website Taxman Entertainment Website
Adam Ray, Filmmaker (Tucson)
6:30 PM
D-Day & the Battle of Normandy A Canadian Perspective by Larry Springford (Green Valley)  20-min
Larry Springford is a photographer and filmmaker from Canada & Green Valley, who has been a regular content contributor to the Arivaca Film Exhibition.  In this travelogue documentary, Larry provides an insightful exmination of the Canadian contribution that helped shorten and end World War II.  Specifically in this film, the landing on Juno Beach and the capture and holding of key positions that halted German counter-attacks, which helped make June 6th, 1944 (D-Day) a successful event in history. 
O’odham Dances
O’odham Dances reveals the visual interpretation of spoken words
Written and Read by Ofelia Zepda Cinematographer and Editor - Jonathan VanBallenberghe Production Assistance - Sharon Wahl
URBANITE - a local resource with many uses
A short film by Paul McCreary, featuring Kyle Young
Urbanite is broken up concrete slabs, a recycled resource that is gaining in popularity around the world. The worldwide production of cement and concrete generates nearly 10% of all C02 in the atmosphere. Interestingly, using urbanite in ways shown here can help remove CO2 from the air and sequester it into the soil as carbon.  Kyle Young, a permaculture farmer, demonstrates the many uses of Urbanite on his farm in Arivaca, Arizona.
The Conquest
Directed by: Sebastian Levya
Nogales Unified School District teacher and Arivaca resident Luke Brennen, guided his International Baccalaureate students to examine the history of the Americas through multi-media.  In this work, students recreate the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs and Montezuma.  
Teaser Trailer Teaser Trailer
Voices of the People…..Paul McCreary’s……
The Border Wall, Drugs & Other Things
Opinions and commentary on the issues facing us today