Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition
INDEPENDENT FILM’s NIGHT Saturday March 4th 6:30 - 9:00pm
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Tucson filmmaker Adam Ray will be presenting an original work: “THE DOME” based on the off-grid life and earthen construction of local (Arivaca) homesteader Bart Santello. In collaboration with Bart Santello’s own Psychotropic Films ; the result is an unique and highly-stylized film that explores the Arivaca experience and the natural environment that inspires the creation of ‘space’ utilizing available materials and the motivation or the individual to create and survive.
6:30 PM
Tucson filmmaker Adam Ray
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At the core of “The

Anthropologist” are the

parallel stories of two

women: Margaret Mead, who

popularized cultural

anthropology in America; and

Susie Crate, an

environmental anthropologist

currently studying the

impact of climate change.

Uniquely revealed from their

daughters’ perspectives,

Mead and Crate demonstrate a

fascination with how

societies are forced to

negotiate the disruption of

their traditional ways of

life, whether through

encounters with the outside

world or the unprecedented

change wrought by melting

permafrost, receding

glaciers and rising tides.


Pictured left-to-right, Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller, and Jeremy Newberger are Ironbound Films. Headquartered in an old inn on the Hudson River opposite West Point Military Academy, Ironbound Films creates documentaries for theaters, television, museums, and the web. Our previous documentary was The Linguists, the world’s first look at how languages become endangered, and how scientists document, archive, and help return them to use. The Linguists went on to win top honors at hundreds of film festivals around the world, enjoy a gala premiere at the Paris headquarters of UNESCO, and air on PBS.
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Note: This year we are departing from a full evening program

of shorts films, rather we will be showing a feature film ‘The

Anthropologist’(80-minutes) preceded by a short film.

an experimental film by Josh Begley
motion graphics editor Johah Greenstein
original music score Jace Clayton (DJ/rupture) & Andy Moor (The Ex)
producer Sierra Pettengill
executive producers Laura Poitras, Aj Schnack, Charlotte Cook
“The project started from a really simple place. It was about looking. It was about the sheer desire to understand the visual landscape that we are talking about when we are talking about the southern border of the United States” ….Josh Begley - Director